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7 Tips To Better Your Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics Experience

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7 Tips To Better Your Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics Experience

We at Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics seek to give you the best products and services in the magnet therapy industry. Due to the nature of our bracelets, and the years of use they typically endure, we realize questions and concerns regarding the state of your beloved bracelet may arise. Here are a few tips we wanted to recommend regarding your Jeffrey Scott Bracelet and our lifetime warranty policy that could potentially better your experience:

Listen for the Snap

One of the most basic preemptive security measures we’ve incorporated into the design of our bracelets is as simple as the sound of two pieces of metal fitting into place...because that’s exactly what it is.

With your Jeffrey Scott purchase, you will have been informed that the bracelet is meant to be worn 24 hours a day for maximum benefit. Due to this kind of constant use, we make each of our Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetic bracelets extremely tight, and as a result, create a loud snap each time you shut the clasp. You can use this knowledge to check by way of sound whether or not your bracelet needs servicing! While it shouldn’t happen often or quickly, there will always be some natural erosive effect on every bracelet due to the requirement of constant use. We recommend you always listen for the snap on your bracelet. Most local jewelers and watch shops will happily provide a courtesy adjustment, and of course you are always welcome to send it directly to us to receive servicing via our lifetime warranty policy when needed.

With all that said, over the course of nearly two decades of business, Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics has produced a few styles that will be exempt to this security measure. If you’re unsure if your clasp is supposed to audibly snap shut, contact our main office today.

Check the Magnets

Many of our customers have had their bracelet(s) for as long as 10 years, or longer. While they certainly don’t need to have been worn that long to experience magnet issues, many of these bracelets are sent in for servicing simply to check the magnets. This is something that can be checked from home with a simple paper clip. Just try to lift each link from the back with only the paper clip. If the magnetic charge is strong enough to attract the paper clip, then the charge of the magnet has not diminished. If there is little-to-no reaction, send your bracelet in to receive servicing via our lifetime warranty policy. In addition, we recommend checking the back of your bracelet annually to see if any magnets have been damaged or dislodged, as that too is covered by our lifetime warranty policy.

Brush The Scratches

If you own a Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetic bracelet, there’s a good chance that it is a gorgeous piece of jewelry. All jewelry and watches, especially if worn 24 hours a day, no matter what your daily activities entail, will have an effect on your bracelet. Understand this, we’ve taken that factor into account with more than half of our catalogue offered in a brushed finish. This allows us to seamlessly brush out annoying scratches when servicing your bracelet. Have a polished stainless steel or titanium style? We can brush those too, just indicate you’d like it done when you send your bracelet in for servicing. While we cannot guarantee 100% scratch removal, simply because some scratches will run too deep, those unsightly surface scratches will be a thing of the past thanks to our experts here at the Jeffrey Scott Headquarters in Las Vegas.

Loose Pins

Activity is impossible to avoid when it comes to using our hands and wrists. On a daily basis, it doesn’t matter if you’re typing files at your desk or putting together appliances at the assembly line, you are working with your hands in some regard. This movement, in addition to the typical natural weathering our bracelets experience, is the largest culprit in damaging the pins that connect the links of your bracelet. Once a pin, which is often slender by design, bends even slightly out of place, it will need replacement. Often, some customers will try to simply push these pins back into place, however this is only a temporary fix at best.

If you see a pin beginning to poke out or think a pin in an older bracelet might be wearing thin, stop wearing your bracelet immediately and send your bracelet into our headquarters for servicing as soon as possible!

Free Size Increase/Decrease with servicing

Many of our customers see Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics not just as a product, but as a means of bettering their life. Often times a customer after purchasing a bracelet will go through a physical change shortly after, whether it’s putting on weight or losing it, as a healthy life change. Or perhaps a longtime customer recently bought a pair of new bracelets and looks to pass their originals to a relative.

Because of circumstances just like these, we offer size increases and decreases as part of our lifetime warranty plan. Don’t suffer with a bracelet that dangles annoyingly or constricts your wrist. Send it in for servicing today and work with our in-office team to get the size that’s right for you.

Location, Location, Location...

While wearing your bracelet consistently is the key to finding success with our bracelets, it is just as important to make sure it’s on the correct wrist! Each of your wrists act as an access point to help guide the increased blood circulation you’re receiving.

Wearing your bracelet on your right wrist will focus the increased circulation in your right arm, wrist, and shoulder, as well as your upper torso and head. Wearing your bracelet on your left wrist will focus the increased circulation in your left arm, wrist, and shoulder, in addition to everywhere from your lower back down to your feet.

To help you remember, here’s a phrase we refer to often: Right wrist assists Rising pain. Left wrist assists Lower pain.

It’s because of this reason that so many of our customers wear a bracelet on each wrist for full-body coverage. Some of our customers even prefer to take advantage of our…

Anklet Option Available

The left wrist may be the gateway to increased lower body blood circulation when it comes to our bracelets, however with some customers, that’s not quite enough. Whether it’s due to careers that require hours of daily standing or an intense cardio regimen, ankles, feet, and calves tend to be a common source of chronic pain. As a result, we’ve proudly offered anklet options for nearly two decades now for such occasions. While it may not be advertised widely throughout our site, think of this like ordering off the secret menu and feel free to inquire about our options available.

More information on our lifetime warranty service can be found on our Policies and Product Services page.