About Jeffrey Scott

About Jeffrey Scott

For more than 20 years Jeffrey Scott has lead the innovation of magnetic therapy, taking the combination of fine jewelry and therapy from coast to coast and around the world. Though magnetic therapy dates as far back as 2000 B.C. in China, Jeffrey Scott has worked tirelessly since 1998 to bring this unique application to the future.

You have and will continue to see us on World Class Athletes on the WTA Tour, ATP Tour, PGA Tour, PGA Champions Tour, LPGA Tour, PRCA Rodeo Circuit, PBR Events, and many other venues.

2019 was record breaking for JSFM wearers around the world.  Championships at Wimbledon and the US Open led the way, hoisting numerous other trophies including Indian Wells, WTA Bronx, Volvo Car Open, and more.  On the LPGA, PGA, & Senior PGA Tours, athletes wearing JSFM had career best seasons, qualifying for Major Championships.

Professional Bull Riders, Professional Rodeo athletes, Contractors, and Support personnel sported JSFM around the the country having unparalleled success throughout the year.

As we enter the decade of the 2020's, Jeffrey Scott approaches all challenges with the support of a single mantra, “Embrace the Future, 24/7.” 

Priding ourselves on being a family business, determined to bring “The World’s Finest Therapeutic Jewelry Collection” to the world, Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics is dedicated to maintaining uncompromised standards as we continually aspire to the next era of Fine Magnetics.