Classics Collection

Here at Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics, we pride ourselves on all of our high-quality magnetic jewelry, including our bracelets. These bracelets are designed to potentially cater to your pain relief needs along with your style preferences while comfortably resting on your wrist. Magnetic bracelets for arthritis and other pain relief are some of our most popular products due to their potentially relieving qualities. Because they can effectively attract the iron in your blood, this can then lead to impressive results, such as alleviated arthritis pain, joint pain, reduced headaches, migraines, and numerous others. 

Here we have our enamoring and perennial Classic Collection where you can find magnetic bracelets boasting more sleek, traditional, and elegant designs. All are made of the highest quality materials for desirable longevity and potential effectiveness, such as titanium, 18K gold, Swarovski titanium, and stainless steel. Magnetic jewelry of all kinds can supply you with health benefits associated with magnetic therapy and simply stunning accessories. Some key health benefits that are associated with magnetic jewelry include improved circulation, improved blood flow, chronic pain relief, joint pain relief, arthritis pain alleviation, and so much more! 

Our magnetic bracelets also have adjustable sizes to comfortably fit both men and women. Potential health benefits, style, and comfort– what’s not to love? Browse all of our Classic Collection offerings here and find the one that will perfectly adorn your wrist while also possibly decreasing chronic pain and overall improving your lifestyle.