Here is a select number of Testimonials our customers have provided for us. If you would like to share your experience with Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics, please visit our Contact Us page for more details.

Rachel R. (Houston, TX)

"In December, 2016, I was wandering Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas when I came upon the Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics booth and inquired about the bracelets. I spoke to Mario and he was very helpful in answering my questions. I asked him if he knew if the bracelets would help with lymphoma. In May, 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had 27 lymph nodes removed and have had intermittent severe swelling in my right arm and hand since my mastectomy due to lymphoma. Mario was not sure if the bracelets would reduce my swelling in my hand but explained that the magnets help with the blood flow. I figured since the bracelets were so beautiful that I would give them a try. I purchased two bracelets that day and started wearing one on my right wrist that night. Since my surgery my ring size has fluctuated from a size 6 to a 7 1/2 depending on my swelling. My hand always looked puffy and swollen. After wearing the bracelet for about a week I noticed a drastic difference in my hand. For the last four years I have not been able to feel the bones in my hand and my skin was tight and puffy. But now after wearing magnetic bracelet for two months my hand and arm are back to normal. My ring size is a constant size 6 and I can see and feel the bones in my hand and the my skin is loose and wrinkled. Not many women would want wrinkles on their hand, but I'm thrilled. I will be wearing my one of my bracelets 24/7 and I will and have already told several women about my success with the Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetic Bracelets. I can't wait until I see my surgeon next to show how my swelling has disappeared. Thank you for giving me my hand back."

Ginger E. (Atlanta, GA)
"Hi! I borrowed my sister's bracelet and it is AMAZING Reduced my elbow pain by at least 90%! Now I have to buy my own b/c she needs hers back!"

Matt S. (Milton, WI)
"I've had my bracelet roughly 7 years. I work construction and it has made great impact on my lower back and headaches that I use to always get. Wonderful product!!! Thank you."

Lori S. (Peoria, AZ)
"One of my favorite pieces of jewelry - it does so much more than look beautiful. I discovered Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics at the BNP Paribas Open and purchased a bracelet because it served two great functions. The bracelets are well made fine jewelry that can stand up to wearing them constantly. I play tennis, workout, swim etc in mine and it's held up. I went back the second year and bought another one so I can get the benefits from having the magnets on both wrists. The magnets are pretty amazing - I don't completely understand the "how" but all I can say is with all my tennis and working out ... still free from injury and feeling well balanced. I love that they don't look like a fit bit or Apple Watch- they are "real" jewelry that has function. I can wear them when I'm dressed up. Love the design options Jeffrey has , timeless and classy and current styles."

Mary B. (Quail Valley, CA)
"I ran across these by coincidence and it was the best experience. VERY knowledgeable, professional, and helpful sales reps. The magnets are amazing! I haven't felt this good in years and not to mention they are beautiful! The quality is impeccable and you can't beat the lifetime warranty. I have purchased these for all of my family... I highly recommend these to anyone that has aches and pains..."

Denise B. (Menifee, CA)
"I must admit I was skeptical about these working. I have been pleasantly surprised by the ability of these to ease my aches and pains. Plus, they look nice. Just ordered my second one after using the first one for a couple months. When I took it off I certainly noticed a difference."

Stacey D. (Central Point, OR)
"The entire staff at Jeffrey Scott have been helpful since I became a customer in early 2016.
They knew their business, definitely take care of their customers, treating me like family. When I needed to have my bracelet fixed, they jumped right in, meeting my needs efficiently and with the utmost ease and respect!"

Renee M. (Chico, CA)
"My boyfriend wears 2 bracelets, one on each wrist. He has noticed the difference of relief since he started wearing them. We are very satisfied with the whole overall experience & the results. We have since purchased more for family members who are equally pleased. Great staff and great customer service!"