2021 Player's Bracelet - PURE Stainless

Was: $890.00
Now: $290.00
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One of our most unique and beloved designs, the famous 2004 Player's Bracelet has been a mainstay of our Player's Collection among both men and women for nearly 2 decades and is now updated and redesigned for 2021!

As comfortable as it is sturdy, the combination of short and long links allow for this style to contour more freely around the wrist, providing optimal comfort. This superbly adaptive fit has been redesigned for 2021 returning to its original roots as a strong, sleek, elegant yet practical piece with the toughness for daily wear as well as business and formal wear.

We have created this redesigned Player's Classic with our exclusive PURE Stainless to ensure years of enjoyment for those fortunate enough to acquire it!