ALL NEW 2022 PURE Titanium Weave

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Now: $279.00
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ALL NEW FOR 2022!!

Completely new redesign of our Best Selling tapestry of woven metal.  Lighter than ever before, making this our most comfortable and virtually indestructible Titanium Bracelet ever!  You must experience the comfort of wearing this newly redesigned piece to truly appreciate its intricacy.  You can literally wear this bracelet 24/7 for years to come and it will look exactly the same as the day you put it on for the very first time. 

Virtually indestructible and equally stylish. For more than two decades, Jeffrey Scott Titanium has been worn by the most demanding athletes in the world.  Our titanium designs have literally hoisted more trophies than any other jewelry name.  Multiple World PBR Championships, countless professional tennis championships, Masters 1000 Championships, Wimbledon, US Open, PCRA Event Champions, you name it, and we have been there. Our Titanium bracelets are the finest available and literally define the core essence of FINE MAGNETICS by balancing therapeutic benefits with a level of unmatched durability and style.

Available Sizes:
Medium 7"
Large 7.5"
X-Large 8"