​Common Symptoms That Cause Customers To Seek Out JSFM

​Common Symptoms That Cause Customers To Seek Out JSFM

Posted by Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics on May 12th 2017

Common Symptoms That Cause Customers To Seek Out JSFM

As a pain relief alternative in addition to a beautiful piece of jewelry, we at Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics hope to be able to assist our customers in as many ways as possible. Often times future customers approach us unaware for which ailments our magnetic bracelets may potentially provide relief. While the increased circulation our products provide assists a broad spectrum of pain-related issues, here are some of the most common symptoms that cause customers seek us out.

Inflammation or Swelling of muscles and tendons
The most common symptom we encounter, and thus have had success in combating, is swollen, inflamed muscles and tendons. Some conditions such as fibromyalgia or tendinitis are very common and cause chronic pain in these specific areas.
 Unfortunately these conditions are often recurring, necessitating a persistent course of action rather than a one-time treatment of sorts. This is a specialty for our product in that magnet therapy is meant to be used constantly. In addition, our products always come with a lifetime warranty, so we’ll be able to keep the source of your relief as fresh as the day you purchased it.

Aches, Stiffness, and Numbness in joints
Another common symptom, often in the form of arthritis, joint pain, stiffness, and numbness can be cared for through an increase in blood circulation and resulting pain relief. Arthritis and conditions with similar symptoms can often affect your physical performance, range of motion, or possibly even mobility.
 The kind of anti-inflammatory, circulating effects needed to quell these pains fit our product’s use to a T. This makes our magnetic bracelets ideal as a standalone option.
 However these pains are caused often by natural wear and tear. As a result, common recommended treatment involves physical therapy or exercise of some sort and this often leads to soreness in other areas of the body...

Muscle strain
Staying physically fit is one of the most proactive steps you can take in preventing chronic pain. Daily activity and exercise help boost your immune system, strengthen your posture, and maintain a healthy heart rate. And at the same time, pushing your limits, while a sure way to maintain progress, may cause strain and sprain on muscles and bones. While many times temporary, a sprained ankle or strained bicep could very well reappear regularly if your routine or activity is prone to such an injury.
 It’s in this way that not only do Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetic bracelets serve as a source of pain relief alone, but in tandem with other natural treatments as well.

Hydration, low circulation, stress levels, diet, hormones...the causes for headaches, or the more intense migraines, are an ever-growing list. Trying to pinpoint what it is that triggers your headaches can be difficult and even harder to combat until that reasoning is identified.
 However, one treatment that seems to work more often than not: anything that increases circulation to your head. Ibuprofen, massages, acupuncture--the end goal is all the same...and yet our product does it better.
 With our bracelets, you get the preventative measures without the need for a pill. You get the relief without the dozens of needles. And you get to feel like a million bucks without your muscles being kneaded into putty.

Spine and Nerve-related pain
Common issues like carpal tunnel or even sciatica can arise from pressure placed on vital nerves, causing pain and discomfort. These problems can be tricky to treat given the delicate nature of the nervous system. Solutions can range from physical therapy to surgery if the pain is drastic enough.
 Regardless of the severity, assisting in relieving such pain is exactly what Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics does best. Our bracelets are designed to increase blood flow to those pressured areas and aid in the healing process.

Poor Circulation
Afflictions such as a history of blood clots or diabetes can greatly affect and reduce your blood circulation in addition to the many other symptoms associated with them. This can be especially troublesome in everyday life, when your career requires sitting or standing for long hours. To keep your blood circulation healthy all day, whether on your feet or not, turn to Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics.

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