Gent's Titanium with Black Diamonds/Yellow Sapphires

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The World's First Titanium Magnetic Bracelet, the Gent's Titanium is the origin of the entire JS Titanium Collection. The foundation of what it means to be Titanium Tough, this style is the top choice among bull riders, construction workers, and any other hard as nails occupation among our nationwide clientele.

Our Titanium designs have been staples on all major tours of the ATP, WTA, PGA, LPGA, SRPGA, the Professional Bowlers Tour and other sports for 20 years.  The stylish designs, combined with the toughness of aircraft grade titanium make for the perfect bracelet to enjoy the benefits of our proprietary therapeutic magnets 24/7.

Available Sizes:

Small 6.75"
Medium 7.25"
Large 7.75"
X-Large 8.25"